Marks & Spencer’s customers mock new Easter egg that ‘belongs in Ann Summers’

This is not just any Easter egg, this is a Marks and Spencer’s Easter egg.

The product has led to some raised eyebrows – and that’s not just because the chain is selling easter eggs in February.

Shoppers have been left in stitches at the aubergine- shaped egg, which resembles the emoji that is often used for rude purposes.

The supermarket unveiled the £6 vegan egg in its “aubergine-shaped glory” on Instagram.

The cheeky chocolate was given approval by thousands of followers, with many cracking jokes.

One fan commented: “It’s not April fools yet M&S! Do you what the emoji is used for? Crying.”

Another less subtly replied: “C***olate…”

Underwear brand Ann Summers even got in on the action, as they joked: “If Ann Summers made Easter Eggs…”

One customer replied: “I thought you’d have been selling this, not M&S!”

Naturally, people on Twitter also had a lot to say about the suggestive product.

One woman joked: “I need to have a word with whoever works for Marks and Spencer’s product development.”

Another said: “Whoever came up with this idea needs a raise and big YAAASSSSS.”

A third asked: “After Santa’s yumnut you’d think marks and spencer would maybe not do an aubergine shaped Easter egg?

“Is this the new norm? Filthy holiday themed m&s goods? I’m here for it if it is.”

But the sweet treat wasn’t for everyone.

However, saucy treat wasn’t a hit for everyone.

One fed-up shopper shared her fury about the suggestive egg.

“@marksandspencer In this generation do you really think an [aubergine emoji] is an appropriate easter egg?” she said.

“Especially as its the only non -dairy option you have for children! #shoppingelsewhereforeaster #disappointed #thinkitthru!”

Meanwhile, customers were left gutted after the national chain after the removed wine from its Dine-In offer.

The national company recently revamped its menu and price for the popular option – so it costs £5 per person.

It previously had included a bottle of wine or a soft drink and cost shoppers £12.