Lego is building a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed playset based on a fan idea

The toy maker on Thursday announced it will be bringing Sega’s speedy mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, to brick form courtesy of its Lego Ideas program.

The platform allows Lego fans to submit ideas for future Lego products. If the idea gets enough votes from other fans, it gets turned into a commercially available Lego set.

Viv Grannell, a 24-year-old “superfan” from the UK, submitted her design for a Sonic Mania-themed set, which features characters and scenes from the game’s Green Hill Zone level. The submission garnered the requisite 10,000 votes and is now heading into the product development phase in partnership with Sega.

Once finalized, the set will be available worldwide, Lego said.

Lego around this time last year announced a partnership with Nintendo to create Super Mario-themed playsets. A few months later, Lego revealed a 2,646-piece set modeled after the original Nintendo Entertainment System. That set, which retails for $229.99, features a very cool Easter egg.